The Brown Tusk Revolution

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  1. Greetings.

    On this day, AverageWalrus and I staged a coup to overthrow Rhythmically, the harsh and cruel leader of the Twelve Months of Farming group. Our banner has been placed all across the base, and we have doused it in fire and blood to symbolize our rise to power.

    Rhythmically himself has been thrown into jail, and his head placed on stakes across the fortress.

    We, the Brown Tusks, now rule over the fortress and over TTMOF. Join us now in the celebration of a new era. We have recruited a mighty army of pig soldiers and sheep assassins; all who have refused to join us have been thrown into prison alongside the deposed ruler. We met a cow named Eduardo in a forest who rejected our offers of glory as a citizen of our nation; his corpse was hurled into a river.

    It would be wise to join us; even Rhythmically's own steed has shifted to our side. I rescued him, tamed him, and have made him my own. No one shall resist our rule.

    Despite all this, we are a kind people who enjoy sunshine, long walks on the beach, and cotton candy. You should totes have some fun with us.

    Thank you,
    AverageWalrus and Hashhog

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  2. A thread from smp8? Bai
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  3. This message is approved by the Pinniped Nation
  4. Silly hash, coups are reserved for organized people.

    Now, in the absence of a sane leader, I shall take over and make some adjustments, including removing all propaganda and hanging coming to an agreement with the rebels.

  5. You will never imprison me! I am much to strong young padawan!
  6. Nah, yer not imprisoned, just Rhy and the Animals who did not join us
  7. I will never join your ranks. I shall plan a re-coup.
  9. This is some Game of Thrones level stuff.

    You even got the 'fire and blood' of the Targaryens in there D:
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  10. The egg cult wishes to join the brown tusk revolution, we're rather handy when it comes to disposing of the bodies.
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  11. I lied, Rhy is not fit to be in a position of leadership. I shall join your ranks.
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  12. wut