The Brotherhood(A Guild)

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  1. Hello again everyone! After a while of thinking, I Finally came up with a name for my Wilderness guild! At First,I was thinking of calling it "The Dark Brotherhood" but then mods would just ban us for PvP that we didn't do... So I decided to just call it "The Brotherhood"... Thi will be a wilderness community and so I need reliable members to join up...
    Currently,the guild will only exist on Smp2 until I get a member from every server then we will have a town on every server with a leader. This will be like a mini server inside a server with mods and all... This is an extreme project and it will need donations. I will have to make a fee to join so that we wont get griefers applying. Here is an application. Please answer the questions completely:

    Minecraft account name:
    Why we should choose you:
    What do you do best:
    Do you promise not to rage and grief if you are banned:
    And 500 rupees or some way that will make me trust you completely.

    Turn that in to me and i shall let you in(nless you displayed an act of trust then i shall see if its enough to join)and I shall reveal the location of the town.

    Again,this project is HUGE and I hope you all agree and understand why I charge the fee.

    Thank you, and long live The Brotherhood!
  2. You have that little faith in our moderators? Tsk, they wouldn't ban anyone without evidence, especially not based only on a guild name. I liked the name better when it had Dark in it. :p I mean, come on, we already have a "Thieves' Guild" and "Assassins' Guild" on here...

    How is that a deterrent? I'm not a griefer, but those who like to grief would probably not mind paying 500r to get a good opportunity for griefing.

    Right, that'll work. That question will be about as useful as the questions they put on the US Visa Waiver form, lol.
    Would any truly malicious person really answer "Yes" to any of these questions?

    Anyway, enough of criticism, and good luck with your project!
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  3. Name: coxfamily
    Server: smp8 ()
    1.You should chose me cause I applied first and I never Steal, Break thing's, or do stuff like that
    2.I have read nearly the entire minecraft wiki
    I craft the best
    I promise I will not rage or stuff if I get banned (I hope I don't get banned)
    I will give you a diamond pick and a diamond sword (reply if you want something different)
    also I have never done anything like this before -_-
  4. Name:RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66
    1:you should choose me because I will not grief steal and I will build things for the team e.g xp grinder.
    2:I'm good at collecting a lot of supplies, mining, and building.
    3:I have never briefed and never will because I think it is completely unfair to ruin someones piece of art they have put work into.
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  5. Name: marknaaijer
    Server: SMP5
    Because I will not grief, and I think this idea is awesome!
    I'm good at collecting ores and fighting mobs!
    I promise I won't grief or rage.
    And is 200r enough, I dont have many rupees...
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  6. The entire Minecraft wiki? Impressive! ;)
  7. i
    ll help you with a 300r donation :p
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  8. Thanks!
  9. i paid it
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  10. am i accepted?
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  11. your betraying the theives guild! *gasp*
  12. I'll also give you 100 rupee's
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  13. cox your in the theives guild as well!
  14. Yes thanks!
  15. sorry guys i was off for abit... your all accepted
    mark please dont respond to people asking if theyre accepted
  16. oh and after reading the first noobs comment,
    i decided to remove the fee :) but u can donate of course...
  17. So he is a noob, but you listened to him anyway?
  18. i did not listen to him, but by putting forth that point of view as he did, it made me realize a way that what i said could be taken so I decided to take it away BECAUSE he was a noob...
    make sense?
  19. oh everybody who cares: I will start work on Smp2 town tommorow
    and then Smp8 town once finished and Smp5 etc.
  20. Sorry, I thought that robot_chicken ment about the 200r I should get from him... :)