The bridge of safety for smp8

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  1. Hi my name is diamond viper 111 andI am here to talk about a bridge I am making in smp8. I am from smp4 but I thought it would be fun and helpful since the southern part is like a nuclear testing ground. My goal is too make it 10k block long. Just head south from spawn and there will be this huger cobble bridge. I am using cobble so it has a less chance of being griefed. A lot of help would be appreciated.
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  2. I'm personally sick of these "bridges". They're terrible eyesores and taint the scenery.

    I have no issue with paths throughout the wilderness, and if these paths happen to be blocked by a small body of water, then I encourage the construction of a bridge, but some effort should be put in to making it look like a real bridge that would support its own weight.

    Moreover, "sky bridges" are ludicrous and horrendously ugly. The only place I would condone them is in the nether.

    I'm not singling you out, but I need to get the message across.
  3. Check the live map if it is good enough for u
  4. It's alright, but as soon as it gets to land, it should stop and turn into a normal path, like the already existing one right next to yours does.
  5. Ok thx for th advice :)
  6. I actually like the paths, one, helps getting farther out faster. Instead of having to deal with mobs/ bunch of jumping. And it also helps newer players get to places where things aren't blown up/griefed.
  7. Agree with ImParanoid, It helps out alot when someone places the paths to just be able to easily get past the craters and caves.
  8. yep. I'm rather amazed that someone actually remember us SMP8ers, though. XD
  9. Yeah, like ImParanoid and Prodigy, I appreciate bridges. They help the community get around, and helps people remember where their mine/grinder is, except in jungle biomes.
  10. i tryed this noone liked it