the bow and arrow

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  1. 1 day there was a man he had a bow yet no arrows for there he could not protect himself then 1 day he came across a sheep the man felt very hungry but could not shoot for there he could not have food then he heard fhet fhet the man was a npc aka villager =D then he saw what back in that time they called them marked ones aka gamertag the man saw a arrow on the tree the marked one had shoot he never liked killing anyone because he would waste but all of a sudden he found himself shooting the marked one and then the marked one had steak the man was sad that he took a life but was happy he was full (this story was on hardcore) not a true story hope you enjoyed =D
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  3. This story changed my life.
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  4. episodes come out quicker on xbox
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  6. use a comma! but seriously, good story.
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