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  1. Ok say you have a friend, new to the empire that you want to share lots with, you give him this "boss"or ├Ądmin"Flag and he would be like u it would still say your names res buthe can give flags, build use and open chests. i think this is a good idea , because when i first joined me and a friend were going to have a lot together, it didnt work out because we could rly do much without the other being non , so please conside this thanks!
  2. Excellent grammar by the way, but just give him all perms. At the moment you can't give out perms for other people;s res as it would be griefer city. He would in turn give out his so called "mod perm". Just /res pset (Name) build t and repeat but change build with container than use than move.
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  3. but u would only give it to someone who is new and you know them in real life. BTW grammar isnt rly important here,i mean unless ur really a mod or sumthink .
  4. I know, but using a smidge of grammar helps you get your point across. Like I was saying how does minecraft know if you are friends in real life.
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  5. I like this idea too. If you truly trust someone enough to effectively "impersonate" you on your res, why shouldn't you be allowed to give them such a permission? If you attempt to give somebody this permission, though, it should give whoever tries to do it a huge warning message in the chat before letting them go through with it. Basically, you should have to give the command twice and with at least a 30 second delay between the two, to make sure the warning was read, and that people can't just say "hey, type this command twice" to scam people into giving them such a permission.

    I'm sad that writing well isn't even a guideline in the Empire Guide page on the rules. If it were my server, I would probably include writing well under rule #9, lol... well, perhaps not, but I would put it under the guidelines, at least.
  6. S_R_L_B i know you listening... :D<3
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  7. Well minecraft wouldn't know if you and someone else were friends in real life but that wouldn't matter because it is YOU who deals the flags and YOU would know if theyre your friend in real life or not!
    I rather like this idea but maybe that flag could be /res pset [playername] flag true
    so then they can set flags but still only the original owner could set that flag setting flag. This would be really useful for me because I have two accounts and I have to keep switching accounts just to set some flags I would much rather being able to set flags for both my account's residences. This would make life a lot easier. Maybe another feature is that the player with the flag setting flag can't set thier own flags and can only set flags that they have so if they want to rob some of you items but they don't have container flag your still safe! :)

    Just a thought :)
  8. And only the residence owner is capable of giving out this permission. That would help alleviate some problems as well.
  9. I don't know exactly what it will look like yet, but once I fix up and recode residences it will have many more flags and some sort of "co-owner" flag like you ask for :)
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  10. cool!
  11. The implications of this are severe....
    We get reports of IRL friends causing issues on players accounts. (Usually but not always lies...)

    In a way, you are asking to give people POA (Power of Attorney)...
    You are telling EMC that this individual has the legal authority to be you in your absence... They can do absolutely anything they want and it becomes your responsibility, not theirs... (In a legal sense, to a degree.)

    I feel this is going to open up a ton of issues in the long run but since Justin intends to incorporate something of this nature, I will do my part to assist in the inevitable complaints and /report alerts that will arrive. :confused:

    I for one will never use this service, if I want someone to help me out on my residence, they will have to be sitting right next to me in my home so that I can observe their very actions and kill their computer (desktop hooked into a Surge Protector, finger on the button) if they attempt to do anything detrimental to my reputation on EMC.

    In short, the only person who has access to my residence is my daughter's account. She doesn't play much and never speaks to players.

    I hijack it to post on Minecraft Forum since I can not log in with mine...
    They have permanently banned my user/email for a stupid decision I made a while back.
    (I had a decent amount of influence and used it to recruit someone for internet hijinks to help out with a personal matter... Please don't ask, if you don't know I wont say.)
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  12. Well, POA on the residence, anyway. It shouldn't affect anything else. You can't be banned for what they do elsewhere, e.g. Worst case scenario is that they ruin (grief) your residence and steal all your stuff. That's really the limit of it. And as you say, these actions will be as POA, so there's nothing staff can do about it... which brings me to this:

    I really think it's best to do as I said in an earlier post, and give a severe warning before letting anyone activate such a flag, and then ignore any reports on the matter, as you've given a strong warning in advance. Perhaps even have some text such as "if the person you give this permission to does something you don't like, staff cannot and will not do anything to help you" or something to that effect.
  13. There's already a warning for when you reset/unclaim your residence, which is in the style that you're suggesting. I'm sure that this prevents loads of mistakes, but there's still people who claim to have done by accident while trying to reset the flags on their residence.
    Having said that, the warning might still save most people the mistake.
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  14. I think that there should be an "all" flag that gives all pertinent perms to player, if this is implemented though I think that only the res owner should be able to give out this "boss perm" Also I think that "co-bosses" can't take away the other's perms only the owner can.
  15. This is quite a practical idea. However, like Twitch said, there will need to be a certain level of accountability that will be assumed by any players that give the flag to another player, just like giving the build flag.
    What's in the grey text is in the grey text. I have no need to ask, and neither should anyone else.
  16. I would be happy with a harvest only flag for like trees.
  17. There already is a 'destroy' flag in place, but I'm not sure if you can extend it to just things like wood or stone.