The Bootleg Empourium! (spec. in wood/farming stuff)

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  1. Now with 50% less bootleg appearence!
    Have you been roaming SMP1 with some cash monies? But with nothing to buy/too expensive?
    Then come on down to Cool5t0rybro's Bootleg Empourium! Prices are gauranteed to be low, check out my side of the res, its a whole farm! so my resources are always high (except wood) I've become braver recently so now i venture out more often, so soon i'll be selling cheap iron (around 3-4r!)
    Heres some examples of the items:
    Wood Planks: 9 for 3r! thats crazy!
    Wheat: 12 for 3r
    Dirt:100 for 1r!!!!!!!
    Theres more crazy low prices on useful items down at 2575! Listen to these happy customers!
    That not made up paid actor: "At first i didnt believe this man, who sells their last batch of wood for 3r? But then i found out this was true, my favorite place to shop!"
    Steve: "Oh what? sorry i was planting my 60 seeds that i got for about 15r"
    Remember the residence is 2575! follow the redstone to reach my store and enjoy the low prices!
    Please pm me if im out of stock