The Block-'E'-Mart Mega Mall

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  1. This is going to be a 2 player owned mega mall on smp 9 res 18998. My business partner is a loyal and trusted friend, rabiesguineapig. Prices will be reasonable and we will try and sell things that you new players out there find it difficult to get your hands on like diamonds or emeralds or the more basic things like armor and tools. Enchantments will be also available as there will be different levels enchantment tables on the property. Anvils will be there for public use, as well as crafting tables, furnaces, brewing stands and enderchests. Also as we are only starting donations of money and items/blocks will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Sorry forget to put that we have only just started building the structure so opening some time in the near future;)
  3. So far we have added a blocks section and a WIP nature Items section we will be opening these sections soon. More info soon.
  4. I am going to check it out...
  5. We also need donations of item frames/leather to help decorate. Thnx. ;)
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  7. Certain parts i think are almost open but we still have a few sections to finish.