"The Blast Blasted Blubber Beyond All Believable Bonds." IRL sorry

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  1. Lets say you are part of your states/provinces highway crew, and a dead Sperm whale has washed ashore, and it needs to be taken care of. How would you do it? Bury it? Cut it up and take it to the land fill? How about BLOW IT UP WITH HALF A TON OF EXPLOSIVES? That is what the Porthland O.R highway crew did in 1970. A 8 ton Sperm Whale got beached on the shore, and was stinking very badly. The highway crew wanted to bury it, but it would be uncovered by the tide. They also wanted to cut it up, but the rest of the crew refused to do it, because if the stink. They also wanted to burn it, but, it was, not Shockley at all, to wet. So, they decided to blow it up. They placed the explosives on the leeward side of the whale, (So it would go into the sea) got people to move back, and set it off. It went off in a big red explosion, and did, almost, NOTHING. Most parts went STRAIGHT up into the air, and came back down. Some pieces went to where the people were watching, a quarter mile back. One part of it hit a car, CRUSHING all of the cab. Luckily, no one was hurt, but everyone, was stinky. Most of the whale was still intact, so they just buried it. AND THAT, is the end of my story, about a exploding whale.

    The 1970 news report

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