THE BIOME TOWER - smp4 skyscraper

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  1. the Biome Tower

    I have been working on a big project lately, it's a huge skyscraper that goes to the max heigt of minecraft! Basically this is a tower filled with all biomes that exists in minecraft.

    If you want to see the tower, it's on residence 8877 on smp4.

    When you explore the tower you may find some stone pressure plates. if you stand on them, you will be teleported to the prize room! Just walk of the pressure plates and the dispensers will dispens your prize! If you get a message "teleport destination is unsafe", someone claimed a prize before you and you have to wait for up to 5 minutes.

    Some stats about the tower:
    -Sandstone: 21.826 (= 341 stacks)
    -Netherbrick: 11948 (= 186 stacks)
    -Netherrack: 5867 (= 91 stacks)
    -Grass and dirt: 4634 (= 72 stacks)
    -Glass: 1716 (= 26 stacks)
    -Lapis block: 716 (= 11 stacks)
    -Glowstone: 377 (= 5,8 stacks)
    -Gold: 214 (= 3,3 stacks)
    -The tower costs 125.249 rupees
    -It took 43 days to build the tower.
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  2. Nice Thread :) I can't believe you actually quoted me on that lol. It is true though.
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