The Bimonthly "Super Smash Bros. Melee" Superstar Face-off: What's it about?

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Should I also make this with Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

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Nah, stick with Melee. 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Yeah, do both! 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Do only Brawl. 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Huge edit: just remembered this, hahah. Running the battle now and recording, then I'll post ;)

    So this is a series I'm hoping on doing exclusively for EMC. I want to, every 2 months (starting on November 1st, 2013), have a CPU-run (that means CPU's only, no regular players!) "Superstar Face-off!" between four random characters (I'm going to use to choose the numbers, and each character will be assigned a number starting from Dr. Mario as 1, then Mario as 2, etc. until Roy as 25) at level 9 difficulty (so there won't be endless matches) and NO handicaps. The stage will be selected at random (via the Random button on the stage select screen). Players can NOT bet rupees on who will win or who will lose. This is because this service is run on the forums. This is only for pure fun and entertainment. Also, I will be recording a video of the brawl and post it to EMC immediately after the brawl is finished. If this is popular with the community, then I might get an alt account and create a res exclusively for the SSBM SFO (that will be discussed once at least 15 people are in a face-off). If you have any questions about this, then please post in this thread. :)

    EDIT: I will make the thread two weeks in advance to the first day of the month of the SFO. November's will be created on (or worst case scenario, around) October 18th.

  2. I must call " Zelda ".
  3. No choosing on the characters yet. This is only a thread to explain what I'm going to be doing. :)
  4. -____-
    I still call Zelda.
  5. So, to clarify, essentially its like betting but not actually betting anything? Sounds fun though, I have dibs on Falco :3
  6. Yeah. I would actually call it "empty betting" :p
  7. I so wish there was snake in this, he's my best guy and I can beat 2 level 9 CPU's with him. So my empty bet is truly empty, since I have no characters that I really like in this. Though I'll still watch the video :)
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  8. One week bumperoo :)
  9. Question: Won't it be considered spam in a way to constantly post videos in the forums? I think it would be better to just edit the main post.
    Oh and, Go Kirby! Go Kirby! Go Kirby!
  10. ^
    Totally agree... with Go Kirby! :D
    My favorite characters from the game cube version are Kirby and Roy.

    From the newer version for the Wii, my favorites would be Meta Knight/Kirby, and Lucario. :3
  11. Because the posts from previous sessions would still be there, and people not in the current ones, but participated before without unwatching the thread would be bumped about it. And also, they're two months apart, so...
  12. Weekly bump. :)
  13. Bump. I just remembered this >_<