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Do you think I should get Creative mode to help finish my res faster for the game?

YES! I want to win those diamonds ASAP 4 vote(s) 16.0%
No! I want everyone to suffer in waiting. 21 vote(s) 84.0%
  1. Attention one, attention all. For the past couple months I have been building a magnificent residence for a little game I like to call Residence Race. Many of you have been lucky enough to participate in one or more of the 3 rounds I have already held. I am announcing that I will not be doing any more rounds for a while in order to build up to the BIG ROUND. My residence is nearly complete and mostly what I need is to gather the prize. I have been wanting to do this round since the beginning and I have been saving Jewels, Ores, and other valuables for prizes to hide everywhere in my residence. The major prize for the winner of this Big Round will be a DC of diamonds!!! There is no date set for my Big round but as soon as I get close, I will announce it. There will a special bonus for those who donate their heads at /v 8118 to be hidden on the residence. (the bonus will be given to those who can find their hidden head during the Big Round)

    This Big round probably won't happen for a few months yet. If you would like to hurry me up, please donate Rupees to be spent to buy Prizes (pay to auhsojnacnud1). Those who donate Rupees will receive a head-start. I know it is a long shot, but also to hurry up with the building of my res I have placed a poll of wether I should get creative to make my res. It would speed up my building rate ALOT and the would happen sooner. So maybe if enough people vote, a senior staff will see it and possibly give me temporary permission to use creative.
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  2. Your never gonna be allowed on creative, sorry bud
  3. Yeah, sorry.. No creative for the vast majority of us.
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  4. I knew it was a loooong shot for the creative, but it helps just as well for people to donate whatever they can
  5. I will set up a donation box on res /v thebaconpotato or /v 6118
  6. So, a bit of change of plans :/ this game will not be happening for a LONG while now. Possibly won't happen (but my fingers are crossed).

    However you all were promised a game so I shall give you a game. Come to res #6119 today Monday july 6th at 5:00pm mountain time (7:00 eastern time) for one last round on my res before I delete it to build a new one!!! The prize this round will be 10,000r!!!!! Don't be late!
  7. I know I said don't be late but I am currently having an issue with my Dog. I wall start the game as soon as I fix the issue with my dog
  8. This is a vanilla with sprinkles server, if we where given creative for just 30 seconds people would abuse it and get 15 DC's of Diamond blocks and dragon eggs. So a -1 from me.
  9. Sounds awesome! Only, there will be no creative mode allowed for any players except admins/senior staff.