The Big Head Project

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  1. Hey all :)

    In the needs/want of filling up my alts' residences, I thought I would make myself very big-headed and put it on my res :). The eventual plan will be to fill 4 residences with each of my 4 public accounts.


    Also, I'm currently needing items! check below.

    Update 1

    -3/4 res's dug, 1 layer down
    -Near completion on RainbowChin

  2. I can help if anything is needed : )
  3. That looks totally awesome! :eek:
  4. Oh dayum, dat work :rolleyes:
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  5. That grass blends in - almost too much.
  6. I feel proud to have contributed to this :D
  7. Chin, I see it now.
  8. Update 2
    -Further work on RainbowChin, only 3 stacks of diamond blocks needed
    (Thanks to ninjaboy5656 for donating 1 stack)
    -Completed Aikarias