The BIG Event is coming!

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  1. Hello to the community of EMC ^.^ As some of you may know, ive been working on a very huge project (currently 23 reses) and i am here to ask what you guys would like to be done with it :) I already came up of an idea with an assassins creed themed Italy city with a parkore/ scavenger hunt to find promos and other prizes with a huge Coliseum loaded with multiple other events accessible 24/7. However, im not building this event for myself, im building it for all of you so its only fair if i ask what all you guys would enjoy. As of now, i am leaning towards a city build. I have the docks at the front gate built and a massive wall blocking off the reses from the outside. I want this event to be unique and fun so i am open to ALL suggestions. Please leave comments below on what you guys would like done with it and i will create another voting thread with all the ones i find best or any suggestions that are mentioned more than once within this thread. If anyone wants to see the build for themselves, they can by doing /v datzmine 4 on smp1. Thank you all who participate ^.^

    P.S. : Dont be shy to shoot me some names as well!
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  2. 23 residences? That sounds like a huge amount of work.

    Good luck :)
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  3. That sounds good. Somtheing interactive would be great.
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  4. Yes parkour emc needs more pakour :p
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  5. I'd definitely love to get a clan system going to where it's not everyone against everyone else but more like people working together
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  6. Really looking forward to hearing ideas you guys would want ^.^

  7. Not quite sure if this is what you're asking/looking for. But maybe an event/ community "room"? I've seen 1 or 2 players make a drop party room, and rent it to other players to use for a day. So maybe one of those? Also I see a lot of players advertising skin competitions, so maybe 10 or so booths set aside for that purpose? Basically a section where players can host their events, without having to build a floating platform above their res. To make room for it.
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  8. Yes, definitely all good ideas! I was already thinking about making drop parties scattered around the build players could rent out but I didn't think about skin contest and other things like that. Thanks :D

    What about the big event itself? So basically I would like to create an event that spreads across the whole build. Any suggestions on that? I'd love to incorporate cooperation amongst friends
  9. What about just build something massive that is suitable for a game of hide and seek? Like a city skyline, I dunno. Or maybe pull a Mirror's Edge and make a sick parkour map. I dunno, it's your residences, so do whatever you want with it. =P
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  10. thats something on the lines i already had planed. i can definitely make it multipurpose :) and it may be my residences but this is a build for the empire :p