The Big Dig

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Mystul, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. I'm planning a project on lot 103 on smp1.

    I have opened up 'destroy' to everyone.. purpose to remove all the dirt... It's a lot of work and any help is welcome. If I'm online I will be there offering shovels and usually 50r 'to break a diamond shovel'...

    I don't want to go into major details at this time... but the extra space will help with the build... I plan to keep 'top-side' nice and 'clean'.

  2. so dig out EVERYTHING? will do if smp2 is full. SLIME ON!
  3. Yeah, clearing everything first.. then i'll work the layers as needed...and since i will have to turn off 'destroy' at some point...

    Do slimes spawn in town??

    I finally found one in wild - only to get creeped.
  4. IT'S A CRIME TO THE EMPIRE but the don't... SLIME ON!
  5. Still looking for help at SMP1 - 103... I'd like to hire a 'foreman' to take over for a few days.. My idea would be to pay 700r a day for this person to find help and keep the project on track.
  6. ill help whenever i'm on... I'm going to secondary school so there are times when i can't be on to supervise. but any other time sure... ill even help dig :D
  7. I did find a foreman - but I can still use the help - He's got a couple days of 'pay' left then I may - split the bill...
    Thx for whatever help you can give.
  8. sure no problem... I'm having tons of fun on this server... I've made multiple virtual:) friends and i'm plajning to make more
  9. Yep - why I'm sticking around... I can't agree with all the methods.. but the social aspect is wonderful....
    Currently working on my Manifesto - not so much as a 'Hey, Justin - fix this' - but ideas for a server myself (In addition to EMC - ftr) - but I'm a serious Hardcore type player - there should be serious consequences when one dies, etc, etc.
  10. I worked for awhile. I must say that sometime soon I'll come back and work again with you guys! ^_^
  11. Thanx for all the work Sunny - it will be worth it.