The Big Dig Project!

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  1. The Big Dig Project!
    Introducing "The Big Dig Project", I am in need of a dirt free residence, so I have employed YOU, yes YOU, now listen up to hear what to do! Go to res 19143 and dig, why? At my res I have setup chests to buy the dirt you dig and I have also hidden many goodies in the dirt. So bring a shovel and dig your heart out, and get rich!

    What Have I Hidden?
    So far I have hidden:
    • One Stack of Iron BLOCKS
    • 2 diamond Blocks
    • 5 Diamond Ores
    • 3 Emerald Ores
    • 10 Iron Ores
    • 10 Gold Ores
    When? Where? What?
    Help dig out my res while getting rich from selling dirt to me and finding valuable blocks. Smp9 19143. It will last until we have dug the last block of dirt!