The Big Bang Theory

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Have you watched the Big Bang Theory?

No 7 vote(s) 16.3%
Yes, and i like it 32 vote(s) 74.4%
Yes, but i hate it 4 vote(s) 9.3%
  1. This is my new thread for people to talk about an epic TV show called the Big Bang Theory.... Enjoy!
  2. Um... Really? Lol I've never seen it but I hear good stuff about it occasionally.
  3. you should watch it... its so funny.
  4. What channel is it on?
  5. I have a friend who's downright obsessive over the show. He say's I'm Sheldon.
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  6. it is on CBS.
  7. Its funny... Sheldon is a weird, obsessive, stuck up guy who graduated college at 14 as a theoretical physicist... He thinks hes smarter than any1 else (he is tho).
  8. Everyone says Sheldon reminds them of me.
  9. So far so good...
  10. i named my cat Sheldon but it was symbolic because he like Sheldon from the show he was always making noise
  11. Off Topic: My cat's named Chloe, but if I wanted to be ironic I'd name her Meow.
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  12. Yes, I have watched it and i've watched alot of it. It's also the only TV show I watch that isn't full of crap.
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  13. Should it be pathetic more people care about the TV show then the actual theory.
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  14. Well I'm a Christian and the theory is Ioad of crap but the show is funny
  15. Well i'm an athiest and the bible is full of crap.
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  16. Well I am a conflicted Christian, I think both are awesome, so I've resigned to God invented science to prevent a spiritual rift.
  17. Fair enough XP
  18. I don't watch the show because it laughs AT nerds, not WITH nerds. The show assumes that all nerds are horny 30 year old guys with no life that just read comic books and watch Star Trek all day. Most of what they argue about are not things actual nerds would argue about; for example nerds wouldn't argue if Jason Todd could be the next Batman. Of course he couldn't, he doesn't follow Batman rules. The show is often filled with inaccuracies. For example in one episode Sheldon says that the Guardians of Oa choose the Green Lanterns. Wrong, the Green Lantern planet Mogo chooses them. Most of the show is made up of repeated material; Sheldon doesn't like change, or a conversation similar to this takes place:
    Leonard or Raj: Big science-y word.
    Sheldon: That is not true because of bigger science-y word. Howard you wouldn't understand because your an engineer.
    Although, I always laugh when Sheldon calls engineers the "oompa loompa's of science."
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  19. Sheldon is epic.. He doesn't understand sarcasm xD