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  1. Teletubbies is my favourite TV show of all time. It has a much more engaging plot than anything I've ever seen before - much deeper and complex than Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.

    Season 1 introduces us to our heroes, who have gained a newfound power that allows them to talk to inanimate objects, such as the Magic Windmill - who acts as their adviser. Things quickly descend into chaos, however, when the the Tubby Custard - which gives them their powers - is poisoned. Their powers are weakened, and the Baby Sun informs them they will die if they don't acquire the antidote. Together, they track down the man who did this, encountering many interesting characters along the way. In the firefight between the teletubbies and 'The Grim Reaper' - an assassin who was hired to poison the custard - Lala is mortally wounded. The Grim Reaper is killed by Twinky Winky - who is at this point the leader of our heroes. Dipsy then discovers he can create Tubby Toast, which magically heals LaLa and is also the antidote to the poison.

    Season 2 shows us that the Teletubbies now have their own base - the Tubbytronic Superdome - and many new cool gadgets. This one is my least favourite season to be honest, too much happens too fast. I enjoyed the developing romance subplot between Twinky Winky and Po, however. In this season, Lala goes rogue after eating too much Tubby Toast as he recovers from his wounds. He captures the Teletubby army and turns it against them, but after they inject him with Tubby Custard everything goes back to normal.

    Season 3 is much better. In this season, we are introduced to the Italian mafia, who are the ones who hired the Grim Reaper to kill the Tubbies in Season 1. They assault and threaten Dipsy, and take him as a hostage. They take him to Ireland, where the Tubbies follow to get their friend back. They discover their origins - in the 11th Century Britain, a werewolf rampaged through the wilderness of Scotland and could only be defeated with Tubby Custard, so the ancestors of our heroes created a variant of it and gained powers. #TWINKYPO also happens when they stop off at a motel, which is my favourite episode. They finally get Dipsy back, but Twinky Winky has to unleash his full power to defeat the Mafia, which wreaks destruction on the building they're in and he nearly kills Po in his rage. Lala, Dipsy, and Po return to the Superdome, but Twinky Winky leaves to Navajo in the USA to be taught how to control his powers by Native American skinwalkers.

    Season 4 deals mostly with the looming threat of the Black Walkers coming down from Canada, which was prophecised by a Priest in Ireland during Season 3. The gang travels to Canada, under the leadership of Po, to deal with the threat. Here, they discover Po's ability to look into the past and get visions of the future when he touches a Maple Tree. He is taught by the 1.5-eyed Pigeon how to use his powers, but their base in Nunavut is attacked by the Moon King, who is the king of the Black Walkers. During this, the gang escapes, but the 1.5-eyed pigeon is killed. Upon their return home after sending the Canadians south of the border, the Italian Mafia make their return. The gang are given a place in the White House so they can talk to the POTUS (played by actor Kevin Spacey) on how to deal with these problems. The Italian Mafia kill Po and put his head in the Tubby Custard as a warning, leaving the season on a cliffhanger.

    Season 5 opens up with the two remaining members of the gang telling the POTUS to throw everything he has at the Canadian Black Walkers, since they will overrun the USA. He refuses, as his troops are busy in Iraq getting oil. This causes Lala to throw him down the stairs, which breaks the POTUS's spinal cord but he accepts to help the tubbies to destroy the black walkers. At the same time, his wife - a mysterious woman dressed in red - revives Po by reattaching his head to his body and saying some random words. We see Twinky Winky for the first time since Season 3, being trained by the Skin Walkers - he doesn't pass their test, so they decide to kill him, but he escapes. The werewolf we saw during Season 3 is also now a threat, as it runs around DC. In the final episode, they fight the werewolf, but Twinky Winky returns to save the day - he is now a Hellhound, and he kills the Scottish werewolf. He organises the US's coalition to invade Canada and fight the Black Walkers. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the Baby Sun has been aligned with the Italian mafia all along - how else would the assassin poison the tubby custard? - and is now setting out to control the walkers and kill the teletubbies, as she wants to grow up into her second phase and become the emo teenager Sun she was supposed to be. She insists it isn't a phase to the Magic Windmill when she kills him, but only time will tell.

    Can't wait for Season 6, which gets a release date on July 10th! <3
  2. In other news I have way too much time on my hands.

  3. Was expecting clickbait not a really great show +1
  4. tl;dr?


    Read the first sentence of each season.. beautiful.
  5. omg i laughed so had! ^.^

    yuss, in case ppl dont know this then heres really amazing intro with lots of special effects & cgi:

    trololol ^.^
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  6. The Season 3 synopsis of 'Season 3 is much better' shows how little faith the creators had in their show at this point. Those threats of cancellation after Season 2 really dampened their mood.
  7. wow funny I never noticed these things growing up, seems much more interesting now
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    I have a movie but it's on VCR and I don't have a VCR player anymore :(
  9. I do love the VCR versions. Really puts a new angle on the show when you look through it with the eyes of someone who lived through the 90s.
  10. This reminds me of my childhood... brings back bad memories...
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  11. I refuse to believe Teletubbies made your childhood that bad...

    On the other hand...
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  12. Teletubbies didn't make my childhood bad. Seeing the show and this thread reminded me of my childhood which then brought back bad memories.

    And as far as that image, what the hell did I just witness? lol
  13. 10/10 would watch again
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  14. what the..... this is so stupid
  15. I'm not even going to hide the fact that this a shitpost lol.
  16. This show is.. uhm... disturbing. Definitely didn't watch it for the plot in my childhood... watched it because of the colors- I was a child what do you expect.
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  17. I don't even think there was a plot. I gave it one though so now all is right with the world :)
  18. Wait so the sun is actually a giant burning baby head? Have I been lied to my whole life??? How do I get over the hills and far away? I want to see these amazing things and burning baby heads.
  19. same here
  20. We actually have an almost life size version of the purple one, LaLa I think. My sister was obsessed when she was little. Now, we stick it in random places to scare people because honestly those things are creepy as hell.