The Becoming of FoxyRavenger

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  1. Prologue

    Hello guys and gals I thought it would be interesting to show a transition to becoming who I am today in Mine craft, FoxyRavenger. I believe you all wanted to know why I am foxy so this is a good tale to tell. I hope you enjoy and please message me privately if I have any grammatical errors.

    It begins...

    on a old creative server where mobs were never present, bread not being able to stack, and healing from the easiest of falls. I was a young lumber jack who wanted to create a town near a large bustling city. I wasn't the finest of builders but I do remember making a admirable McDonald. This little lumber jack was happy, until the world was turned upside down. Diamonds ran in short supply due to world boarders. Everyone was fighting, it was my time to move. Server after server, nothing had fit me until around pre-release 1.7.8 came around and he found a large gate and wall. I wasn't sure what to expect when he saw a floating Team fortress 2 engineer. He welcomed me, even though my forum introduction was very slim at the time. I enjoyed every moment joining in and building my plot. I did this till the end of 2012. This young lumber jack wanted to know what to do next so he went to my favorite pizzeria...

    I remember a old place where the pizza was cheep and I loved seeing the animatronics feature their pre-recorded stage routines. One always caught my eye in the farthest corner of the dinning room peaking out its head. I always inspected the curtains expecting something to pop out at me, but nothing happened. I was peculiar towards that hidden animatronic. One day, killing my time in that empty pizzeria I stared at the curtains munching on pizza and back to the sign where is said "Out of Order". I speak softly, "Any one home?" To my surprise a sudden response, "I be out 'o order laddie. Maybe next visit I'll be sailin'" I shot a peculiar look and gotten closer to the curtains. "Who are you" I said. "I never see you." I start to peel the curtains open to see a Robotic Fox figure. "Why you look fine to me!" A furry hand touches my shoulder, I perk up and spin wildly around. The towering animal animatronics were around me. I shrunk down towards their towering robotic might. I started to quiver, "Your...your supposed to be on stage!" I didn't know what to explain this sight. Was I dreaming? I was in total shock. "I am not always on stage little boy! I can move around and your the perfect one to help our little friend." Freddy said in devilish tone. I looked back towards my discovery, "What am I supposed to do? I am just a lumberjack not a mechanic!" Freddy and his friends started to laugh. "Foxy doesn't need a mechanic he lacks personality and you fit it!" It still didn't make sense. "What will I need from me?" I said bravely. Their eyes got dark and next thing I know it, I was knocked out by a metal fist. I woke up thinking it was all a nightmare, I looked around. I saw heads after heads of my formal favorite clan. I had no feeling anymore, I started to panic and produced a menacing scream. I stopped. I looked at my hook and my torn body and I had to accept who I was. One thing that the gang couldn't do is leave. I was the free one, I could roam. I come back 3 years later to these gates and they automatically open. I was home even though my appearance and some of my speech was distorted. I foxy used to be known as clan23 is now FoxyRavenger and watch out EMC I'm coming back to my formal glory :)
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