The Beautiful Wilds Project

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Do you care if the wilderness remains attractive?

Nah, I just want to grab all the stone and dirt I can, as fast as possible. 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Nah, I like taunting the creepers so they blow craters into the ocean shorelines. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Nah, I get lost or die if I walk 100 meters from the spawn points. 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Yes, I always find some pristine little island 10,000 meters away from the spawn. 4 vote(s) 30.8%
Yes, I don't mind filling in a creeper-hole or fixing the water flow now and then. 8 vote(s) 61.5%
Yes, I like constructing bad-ass strongholds that blend into the environment. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Alternative thread title: Don't Be a Blast-hole.

    Hi, I'm fairly new on the Empire, and haven't posted a lot of stuff to the forum here. I've been too busy building my shrines at SMP7/halley. The first thing I noticed is how neat and orderly most of the reserved residence lots are, so I hope to show off my own building ideas in my residence.

    The second thing I noticed, unfortunately, is a huge ball of ugly mess, at the very edge of every spawn area. Perfect landscape all the way to the spawn border, then ugh! gross! Just a bunch of shredded cobblestone wastelands. It's really pretty sad, since I love the look of pristine wilderness in Minecraft.

    I know there's very little in the way of server rules on "don't make ugly stuff," but I did spot this quote on the commandments page:

    Other Guidelines (not rules, but you will gain respect quickly if you do these things)
    - When harvesting wood, if you take the bottom blocks of wood from a tree, take all of them.
    - After chopping down a tree, replant a few of the saplings you gathered.
    - If you build a column of blocks to access a high place, remove it when you are done if possible (don’t worry about it too much in the nether if it’s too dangerous).

    In addition, I've seen other threads here reminding people not to build 1xN dirt planks across the rivers. Boat travel is essential, and it sucks to have to stop in the middle of the dangerous nights just to break through a dirt barrier.

    So here I am, kicking off a new idea: The Beautiful Wilds Project. It's totally voluntary and I'm not expecting a lot of effort, but why not patch in some of the eye-sores around each wild spawn point? Lighting up an area is a great way to reduce the creeper crater risk. If a creeper does explode, it usually just takes a moment to patch up the hole. If you need a lot of stone, go underground a bit farther away from the spawn area, so it doesn't look like an asteroid hit the planet. Keep the Wilderness Beautiful.

    To get this started, I'm going to post some pictures of the ugly and the pretty on SMP7, that I've already started to do. If my landscaping work has ruined your secret lair entrance directly next to the wild spawn zones, my sincere apologies, and I can help you build a cool stronghold doorway.
  2. Beautiful Wilds Project.

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  3. I dont mind the wild being messed up. But having it nice and fixed wont do harm. Its trying to jump in the holes and everything people make is the problem.
  4. I want to help in your project of making a beautiful wild :D
  5. I would help but you know....
  6. It gets reset every so often, it's about a 300 block radius I'd say, the periodic reset area. Aikar is working on making it completely automatic, hopefully that'll come soon :)
    Great idea, though. I hope it works out :)
  7. One thing to consider is the periodic reset area just outside of spawn. It was supposed to be like the wastelands and be reset to pristine condition at regular intervals. This actually discourages players from going out farther and why fix it if it will be reset.

    The policy should be maintained or changed. Once the wastelands are opened, i'm pretty sure the reset area will be cleaned and a good maintenance policy enacted.

    I frequently fill creeper holes and replant trees near spawn. It's good to hear that others feel the same way.
  8. Yeah, I know about the reset area so I don't put a TON of hard work into it. It's just a way to put stacks of spare dirt and torches to good use. It also makes landing the boats easier if I don't have to dodge the water-craters at the shoreline.
  9. If you need dirt to fill in holes/patch strip mined areas with, just let me know. Me and my 8 DC of dirt would love to help you out :)

    Also, if I could get less swamped with homework I'd love to come help out. I'm on smp7 as well, so see you around :)
  10. For about 2 months (amost a year ago) I maintained a small peninsula at the south of smp7 spawn, keeping it illuminated, with lots of threes and a melon, pumpkin, and wheat farms and some crafting tables; untill my quest for blaze forced me to move farther into the wild.

    Now I seldom go back to spawn, but I will carry some materials each time to help you maintain thing pretty.