The band of ruffians.

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  1. So there I was on at my residence having just finished construction on my head museum and head shop, I was thinking about building a storefront to place all the prismarine have, just to free up some vault space. I selected an area and checked my chests, I needed more cobblestone, stone, and stone bricks.
    Off I go to strip mine a mountain for rocks, When I came across an oak grove. "The lumber=jacks cabin storefront is low on oak logs." I thought. Out comes my axe and a short time later I have a stack of oak logs. I must apologise, you see I am undead and as such I can be easily distracted, hard to hold a thought in a decomposing brain. Back to looking for the perfect mountain to destroy. While searching I noticed a rather large number of sheep about. Being the outdoorsman I am, I left the sheep alone, knowing that the highland sheep is particularly itchy this time of season. Further I went looking for that perfect mountain to deconstruct, when I saw the 1st pile of wool. White wool in a small pile, then I saw a pile of grey wool, some black, and some black. I looked up and there were no sheep to be seen, just little piles of wool as far as the eye could see. That's when I noticed the boot prints. Now I'm an outdoorsman, as I mentioned before, so it was easy for me to determine, by the stride and depth of the boot impressions that the person who left these tracks was roughly of my height and weight.

    Being undead has it's advantages, it can supplement your bravery some, what are you going to do, kill me? So I started following the tracks, my curiosity was peaked and I wanted to know what sort of monster could do so much casual damage to so many sheep. for roughly 40 minutes I followed the tracks, little piles of wool littering the landscape. Things began to look familiar and I thought however it is that I'm tracking must know I'm following them, they're trying to lead me in circles. Shortly after that thought I noticed the 2nd set of boot prints, There were two of them! Both about my size and weight, out in the wastelands pointlessly slaughtering sheep, leaving little piles of wool everywhere in their wake. Two blood thirsty sheep slayers, but I'm undead two is no match for me. On I want tracking the 2 sets of boot prints. It seemed like hours had gone by when I noticed a 3rd set of prints joining the 1st two. 3 blood thirsty sheep slayers! all about my size, and I knew they were well equipped, because they all were wearing the same boots as me. Even the undead have their limits. I pulled out my map and headed back to town, having completely forgotten about that mountain I was going to rip down to build a shop for my prismarine.

    So be wary travelers, there's a group of at least 3 ruffians out poaching sheep in the wastelands.

    On an "unrelated" note I have 16 fresh stacks of cooked mutton, and 8 sheep heads in my shops.
    SMP9 /v 19856
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