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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Thrime, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. About banning, If a person is banned and wants to get back on (not to troll, xray, spawn items, ect.).
    Why not make them only temp banned? like, for a week or a month or year?
    It could be like jail, or prison. The way you would figure out if they were going to get back on to xray, or troll, Is that you would tp them to you, and give them a question like, "If you were banned, would you like to get back on after a amount of time?" If they answered yes, you would bring them to the next question. The next question would be this, "Would you stop doing the thing that got you banned once you got on?" Answer yes, then you dish out the amount of time that they are temp-banned.
    If they would answer "no" to either questtion, then you would just perma-ban them. If you banned them before this suggestion, then send them the questions via forum.
  2. hmmm, werent you banned Thrime?
  3. Heh would easily make sense, but this sounds like an interesting idea. Not sure it would always work though...
  4. Yup some parts of this plan has flaws
  5. I don't think this would work because they could answer yes to both questions and then start doing mischievous things again only to once more be banned. Normally they get warnings kicks/partial bans anyways before permanent ban. This would only make the moderators have to do more work than they need to.
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  6. We already have temporary bans, for minor offenses. If you want to be unbanned, whether it is a temporary ban or permanent ban, you can make a ban appeal to one of the moderators through this site.
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  7. thrime you were banned for xray mod..
  8. As bob said, we have the ability to give people temporary bans and these are usually used for minor/repeat offenders.
    Personally, if I felt I needed to temp ban someone for a month, then a permanent ban would be used. If someone is breaking the rules to that extent then they deserve their punishment.

    As for your idea... "Would you stop doing the thing that got you banned once you got on?"

    I doubt anyone would answer no to this question so there are major flaws here.

    All players are given many chances to read the rules and are even offered a tutorial to help them. If people still choose to ignore these rules then I'm afraid they will have to face the consequences. We have an appeal system in place already so that people can argue their case. All the moderators/admins will review each individual case and make the best decision from there.
  9. Yes, we have a system in place, that include both full and temporary bans. Through appeals, we take a deeper look into situations and behavior, and make final decisions there.
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  10. Permanent bans are definitely still necessariy though.. If someone does something that doesnt have another motive behind it other than being an idiot then there's no point risking it.
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  11. Oh well, It was worth a shot. You guys can post on ideas that you have for banning.
    And yes, I was banned, the sad thing is that I was the only one to send in an appeal. Mah friends!!!!! Where haz you gone?!?!?! :p
  12. im still your friend, but i guess my respect for you has decreased since you were banned........
  13. Thats understandable, what I did was disrespectable, and stupid.
  14. I Sweat i will not Fly again plz i have been working on the sever like all day i have deleted the mod and i would love to come back and help with the server im so sorry and it will not happen again
  15. If /rules = follow then Yeah
    elseif - Seeya!
  16. im sorry plz give me 1 more shot
  17. take all my money
  18. Let me put it another way - how about following the rules on ban appeals.... I'll leave it to you to figure them out....

    Also - your ban is lifted in 2 days... so go read a book.... and perhaps read some forum posts about good people here... Follow their lead - don't screw up again.
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