The Backloggery Support Group

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cap10salt, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone else uses The Backloggery to keep track of their games and the ones they haven't played. After adding nearly 100 games to my unfinished pile tonight, I could use some cheering up/cheering on. Humble Bundles are like my addiction. :(

    I'm also wondering if anyone else has been bitten by the gaming bug and could use some support as well. (And/or do the multitap thing because I have no friends and never got to really use that feature...)
  2. I just looked at the website, it looks like a good concept, but all my games are on steam anyways so it would be a pain to type them all in. I still made an account though. My username is "4"

    I feel you with the Humble Bundles though.... So many games...
  3. Thanks for checking it out! Funnily enough, that username (or number?) is too short to search for in the members list. :D

    I can understand that if your games are all in one place, there's not really a reason to need some sort of database. But if your collection spans several consoles, various stages of completion, 10-15 years of your life... Yeah. I forget the games I have. And where the heck I am in them. I also love the fortune cookie feature. I can tell it that I want to play a game on this console that I haven't finished or some other criteria and BAM! It gives a suggestion. I guess I can say I'm never bored. lol