The Awesome Stuff People Tell Me About /v +bulk on SMP8

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Sgt_Pepper4, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. I just wanted a nice place to put screenshots of people telling me how much they love bulk shop to show I really appreciate hearing them :). I guess future comments from others will help guide where this goes as a thread.
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  2. Thanks uriel155!
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  3. Thanks fyregryph!
  4. Oh let me write a review of your bulk store

    Not bad could work on the upper level of dirt. (Not sure what your doing up there)

    Prices are very reasonable for stock quantity

    Very much so

    Good business and keep going at it :)
  5. Well my number one priority is the prices. If they are not great, then my shop is not great. So I try to find the great spot.
    If I get burned out occasionally I'll start decorating the place. Like downstairs I tried making a redstone ore floor. It auto lights as the consumer runs around and I like that. It'll just take time and rupees to fill it in and remove the dirt floor.
    Like I said, not really my top priority, so that floor will be a while coming in. My top priority is serving everyone.
    Is the upper level of dirt you're talking about my melon tower? That tower is awesome :D. It feeds tons of people.