The Avengers

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  2. The Hulk seems mad.
  3. lulz to this.
    Who are they? (like MC IGN)
  4. Thor: TheSpyPie
    Iron Man: creeper3846
    Hawk Eye: Loopluke
    Hulk: sqiggleyjeff
    Captain America: bnxboxman360
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  5. Their the EMC secret force, not so secret anymore.
  6. See, I knew you people would ask for the names, so I was prepared for this, and took a quick pic to show the names. Also, the one shifting is the one trying to tell me to use f1. :p

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  7. I see that bnxboxman360 didn't listen to TheSpyPie.
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  8. IMPOSTERS! This is the real avengers:
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  9. OMG!
    Look how manly i look holding my hammer!
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  10. Btw We are not imposters they are the ones who are imposters.
    Captain America: Hulk, smash!
    Hulk: HULK SMASH
    Thor: I hate my brother but I have to save him for no absolute reason.
    Iron Man: I'm rich and ladies like me
    Black Widow: Not even trying
    Hawk Eye: I'm brolic bro. *Shoots without even looking behind his back*
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  12. Loki RULEZ ALL
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  13. Hi Brother :3
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  14. You look like olaf...
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  15. No he doesnt olaf has yellow hair
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  16. So does thor....
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  17. Whos Olaf?
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  18. League of Legends Champion. He is a Viking Berserker
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  19. You forgot Nick Fury :confused:
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