"the authentication are currently down for maintenence"

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  1. I keep getting this error when trying to connect to EMC. Any ideas?
  2. All of us are that I know of... not sure. guess we just have to be patient :(
  3. Oh ok, glad to hear its not just me. Thanks :)
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  4. Unfortunately, nothing EMC-side that we can do about this issue; except wait it out. There is sidebar thing on the home-page which gives you the current status. Alternatively this is on Mojang's website. https://help.mojang.com/
  5. Yeah it says login is timed out and something else is timed out too for the server status:(
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  6. Yup saw it, Thanks Chickeneer... I figured it was on MC's end.
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  7. Yeah it says all multiplayer servers are down
  8. I got that from all the other posts....
  9. to wrap all this up Mojang is having an "issue with minecraft server" looks like we all get to wait on the servers to be back up.
  10. Damn, I shouldn't have disconnected.
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  11. Help!! What do we do with ourselves!!!???? lol :)
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  12. Yeah I think thats how people are still on is because they didn't disconnect
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  13. Singleplayer it is lol
  14. Nooo!!! I don't like single player :(
  15. lol yea not as fun
  16. I thought i was the only one
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  17. XD