The Auction Man

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  1. Ever wanted to buy other players then set them free? Then Just pm me for the best auctions out there to get your buds permanently then set them free if you want ( this is all just a joke thread off FNM )

    Whats BK gotta say about my skill in auctioning?

    So Pm me today!

    All funds go to the llamanati
  2. lol first
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  3. Second (I survived FNM2K15)
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  4. i didn't niether did these things
    rip squid shooter ( my op bow)
    rip armor
    rip diamonds
    rip op grinding sword
    rip op pick
    rip silk pick
    rip me
    rip redstonemaster20 (your death will come in the near future.Quote redstonemaster 2k15)
    rip me levels
    rip fnm for life
  5. no1 has noticed the hidden message in this, lol