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Should I make The Arena at one of my Residences?

Poll closed Jul 22, 2013.
Yes! 10 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey everyone.

    I am now diamond supporter, so i have 4 residences.
    I have a idea to make on one of my residences an Arena.

    What is the Arena?
    The Arena is a large building on my residence (I am working now on Single Player for the building).
    In that building you can play mini games (for example: spleef, parcour, shootings competition and things like that). Every month or 2 weeks there is a new mini game.

    My question now for you is what do you think of my idea?
    Should I make this building on one of my residences?
    Please let me know if I should make this building with every 2 weeks or month a new mini game.
    Answer the poll above please so I can make after 7 days a decision. Please don't answer yes in the poll if you are not going to play in The Arena.
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  2. Awesome idea! We need some mini-games like this on EMC! :D
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  3. Good idea. Is it free or must we pay to get in?
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  4. It's always fun to play mini games on Minecraft, so good idea! Try to think of some unique ones on your own, but be sure they have simple directions to comply with the whole community. I think you're going to get a lot of visitors if you put some time into this project. :)
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  5. I like parkor

    I don't think either of us spelled it right
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  6. Everything is free, but if there are prices for the first place you need to pay 100 Rupees to enter that mini game. I will try to make the most mini games free.

    Haha I think it too xd

    I am doing my best :)
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  7. I am now working on single player for the building. I will post images if its done. Does someone have good ideas for the ground. Maybe some pixelart?
  8. Sandstone or sand seems to suit an "arena"
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  9. Good idea. I will try this for the ground
  10. Hey everyone the poll will close after 4 days. Then I will check the result!
  11. Looks amazing!
    I would definetly visit here!
    For pixel art, maybe find some champions from 1980's video games and make them
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  12. Thanks for the idea. I will check some videos :)