The Anti-Unicorn Rebel Allience!

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Do You DISLIKE Unicorns???

YES 7 vote(s) 23.3%
No 23 vote(s) 76.7%
  1. Have you gotten sick of all the unicorns? Then lets rebel against the Unicorn Empire!!! Change your profile pic to something anti-unicorn!!! Put #NoMoreUnicorns in your signature!!! Go on strike!!! Start a protest!!! Spread the anti-unicorn word!!! THIS...IS...A...REBELLION!!!
  2. Do not PM staff...
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  3. sorry
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  4. Unicorns are like animatronics, I'll pass even though I kill the night guard once and a while ;)
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  5. You hate unicorns?! I will start a unicorn rebellion rebellion!
  6. The eagles are still ballin'.
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  7. So if one day there is a promo unicorn horse or something you would rater burn it?
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  8. You will lose lol
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  9. He will get hooved you mean ;P
  10. You mean stabbed.
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  11. Hi, just i think the poll quastion should had been more moderate as unicorns ARE national symbols(animal) for some countries, so using the word HATE, is kinda rude in my opinion... Just saying
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  12. Im a llamacorn, who's side do you think Im on?
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  13. The EVIL side!
  14. Sorry
  15. no
  16. By the polls, it seems, uh, that there is a LOT higher resistance against this force than for your alliance.
  17. Please try not to make double (Triple, in this case) posts.
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  18. Your right!
  19. You just did it again...
  20. Did what?