The All-New Attic Shop- The Looong Shop!

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  1. Back in the 'Full' 1.0.0 days of minecraft, SMP5 was just hittin' it.. I was a noob who played in the same res neighboorhood as my brother, Terminator908. 11387-11239-ish my brother had a noob shop, this was called The Attic Shop. I had fun, toyed around in the wild, played around, built a castle market.. that was indeed the life. My brother made a couple hundreds of thousands off of decent prices. Over the updates things changed, building torn apart as minecraft was learned, friendships were made, and minecraft itself updated. One of thoe building torn down was the attic shop, and since then we haven't made money the old-fashioned way (This text is getting big :eek:). A few months ago my brother started construction on a mega mall recently after Leowaste's place went kaboom. I started a huge addiction to TF2 and all was good. Exept for my wallet.

    Today ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you the somewhat improved, good old attic shop. Now it's characteristically long, with the same great deals on stuff, even the same services!


    1. Cobblestone gen 250r
    2. Obsidian gen (pistons) 35or
    3. Res digouts, 200r per layer (CLOSED)

    Thank you for looking at check it out at 11100
  2. Oh man, I remember the attic shop...... those were the days...... and when you say decent those were like cheapest deals on EMC at the time lol.
  3. Interesting...
  4. Yes, you were there with us, well him not so much me really..
  5. *Bump* Only a few prices, but they are close to the original ones!
  6. I joined when smp5 didn't exist... That was seriously 1.0.0?
  7. Seriously, Smp5 had just came out
  8. Huh. Weird.