The agony... of steam downloads

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  1. Hey guys I have started the download for Tf2!
    It has 2hrs 29mins left!
    Any way I want to know your longest steam download!
    Please post it in the form of a comment!
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  2. 2 days
    5 hours
    36 minutes
  3. Really?
    What game?
  4. Portal 2
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  5. WOW
    you must have an epic internet speed!
  6. Mine just incrassed from 1hr to 6!
  7. One that doesn't let me play on EMC :(
    On ps3 my longest I have wrote down is this
    34308976 minutes
    2gb Download

    I obviously didn't do the download
  8. I feel for you :( :(
    YOU NEED.....
    TELSTRA CLEAR!! lol just kiding
  9. Mine said that it would took so long, but it just took 50 minutes forPortal 2
  10. 10 hours and 50 mins.

  11. 4 days 14 hours (in total took me a week with saving at certain points of the download)

    league of legends
  12. Wow, I haven't spend that much time on downloading :eek:

    1Hour was the max, I got pretty fast internet connecton tho. :)

    1000' post :)
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  13. That is one of the only things I hate about PS3. The downloads take forever.
    I was gonna download Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of The Rings Online through Steam just so I could have it say I was playing them when on Steam, both said 6 days, I said Heck No and just downloaded them through their website and added as a Non-Steam Shortcut, does the same thing.
  14. I think my slowest was about 20 minutes for a 8GB game.

    It takes me 15 minutes to download Diablo 3

    (Which is kind of slow - 8GB should take me 9.52 minutes to download - According to my maths)

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  15. 3 Days 5 Hours.
  16. 3 Days
    12 Hours
    56 Minutes
    Team Fortress 2

    And yes, I live in San Diego. Feel free to write this in your stalker books or whatever you people have these days.
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  17. on my ol' xp it said 9293 days....
    Now for me its now 1 minute for tf2
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  18. most downloads take little time for me the longest was about 40 minutes but that was for a game and all the downloadable content that came with it which was 6 items in total