The AFK Sneakshot Thread!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by heyaroo, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone..
    Have you ever had a friend or a stranger being afk on your res?
    Well time to take a picture with them!

    Sqiggleyjeff was AFK on T1zzle's res so we had to take a picture with this adorable turtle :D

    Post your photos with your AFK peeps :p
  2. 2013-03-10_19.42.51.png
    Afk= heyaroo
    (i had dwight's skin <.< cus, we were doing a vid and i couldnt find my old skin so i got stuck with dwight's ._.)
  3. i was AFM.. xD
  4. Afm? I'll post some once I get on a computer
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  5. Away From Minecraft instead of Away From Keyboard :p

    I was AFM making this thread.
  6. Away from Minecraft lol
    Here's hoping it will catch on.
  7. I'm afm. Especially now. :p
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  8. The moment someone says "AFK" I'll take a screenshot now lol
  9. I would take AFK pictures of other people.....if i had seen another player in-game in like weeks that is.....
    I live so far away from everyone in the wild it seems ._.
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  10. red being derp .-.
  11. Robotsanta (right) and I (left) are trapping BrenJone (middle) in cobblestone while he is afk on my res.

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  12. GameKribJim should have a ton of shots by now haha!
  13. Oh my, the amount of people that I find afk at 4005... You wouldn't believe it
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  14. another one with sqiggleyjeff loll
  15. How is agent creeper flying?????
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  16. he was glitching in the wall :p
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  17. You sure?
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  18. He is glitching I can tell from the picture.

    EDIT: Pikachu is glitching through a wall! :O!

    EDIT: I messed up with my replies bigtime! xD
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  19. He is jumping, you see the jump boost, its level 2, so i got lucky to take the pic while he jumped.
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  20. Im sorry its off topic but.......... Your profile pictures get weirder every day sonic!