The adventure of two brave men...

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  1. Alright, about two days about Silt (forgot full name) and me went adventuring with HurferDurfer1. We got seperated since my boat broke. Silt helped me by giving me one. We lost track of hurfer and my map would not work. We just started going in a random direction.

    We finaly found a island we could go to. We dug a small mine to get cobble and found a huge cavern... We found it by me falling 5 blocks into a herd of zombies, skeles and creepers. (Not fun at all!)

    Luckily i didn't die. Silt and me quickly killed them (He killed more -.-) and then started exploring. We found out that it isn't just under the island but it's under alot of the ocean. It's a very big cavern/maze type thing. We found every mineral except diamond (which sucked)

    We found:
    80 iron
    52 redstone
    10 lapis
    18 gold
    60 coal (would of had more but didnt mine)

    We had alot of fun and looking forward to doing it again. you may see another story like this soon... :confused:
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