The Adorable Kitten Topic

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  1. So, it's been confirmed that Minecraft is getting Kittens (wild beast cats) in a future update.

    Therefore, to celebrate, we will post adorable cat pictures in this topic.
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  2. HG1j4.jpg

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  4. Just wondering why doesn't the empire shop sell spawner eggs insted of /purchase animal yet?
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  6. o we doing angry cats now
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  7. awwh :) now im inspired to spend my whole day on icanhascheezburger!
  8. oh god. oh god I have pictures saved for this moment. If I get reported for spam it's going to be totally worth it, because KITTENS

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  9. OMG youre last picture is so cuuuuuttee!!
  10. Indeed! amadai wins the 1000r!

    What this thread again?
  11. mowr :3
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  12. Epic Mythbusters Cat! One of my favorites, mates!

    Mythbuster Cat.jpg
  13. i think that was me, sorry cat
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