The ability to block forum members...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SillyMommaMoose, Dec 26, 2011.

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  1. would be all around helpful.
  2. Do you mean this in the way that the block system works on facebook.
    So if you view the website not logged it, it will show all viewable threads, but when you log on it hides all threads and messages from the people you have on your ban list?
  3. whoa... wait, is there a player harassing you through private messages?
  4. If you feel the need to make someone stop contacting you, it has already gone too far. If you let us know who you do not wish to corresspond with we can ask them to refrain from speaking to you. We cannot however prevent them from contributing to the forums, or you reading their contributions there, unless it reaches the point where hosilities commence.
  5. Well let us know if this occurs again and we will put a stop to it. It is fine to have an objection to someones opinion and have a discussion and debate about issues and views, but personal attacks are not tolerated and ingame commandments also apply to website. Religoius discussions should probably be avoided as this is a multicultural server, but it can be hard to steer clear of this during certain times of year (Christmas, Easter etc.).
    Hopefully we can all feel free to express our views in an unjudgemental manner without having to resort to uncivilized intolerance towards other. :)
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  6. lol, probably wouldn't coincide with the intended objective of this thread. :p
  7. I'm just going to lock this thread. I saw the whole argument from an outside view, and he alone wasn't an issue. Calling someone: "Religion Boy" wasn't very respectful either Moose. This is one of the (Sad) reasons that people can't discuss things like politics or religion. For some reason, people in today's age can't seem to be respectful enough to be mature about it.

    I'd suggest everyone involved just go ahead and take a breather and sleep off the hate and come back tomorrow a happier person. :)
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