The 60 x 60 x 8 Hole I call my res.

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  1. I was wondering if moderators had the ability to world edit on this server and if they do, can it be used to help people with their residences. For Example I have dug a massive hole and I need it to be filled with water so I can make an Island Home. My Problem is that I have no means of filling that hole with water because it is too difficult. If a Mod or Admin can help, can you please notify me so I can show you what it is I would like. :)
  2. They cannot world edit for such mere mortals. Joking, still they cannot World Edit to "help out". You have to do it yourself.
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  3. if you gave them enuff water buckets they might do it
  4. I Im not wrong only Admins (and Senior Staff too?) can use World Edit, but I think you will have to fill it with water yourself.
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  5. Aikar and/or Maxarias will rid your res of dirt for 60,000 rupees but they wold fill it with water sadly.
  6. They can world edit the dirt out for 60K. I haven't heard of them doing much else, maybe sent a message to BigDavie, Shaunwhite and Maxarias and ask :)
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  7. Try this. Build a layer of blocks one under road level. Cover it with water and destroy the blocks.
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  8. WHAT!!!?!?!?!?!?!? Since when are they removing dirt from res's for 60k? Thats.... Thats a load of cow dung! In the old days when I did mine, I spent a TON of diamond shovels and several months digging mine out. :(
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  9. This is the way to do it, I've done it many of times myself this way. :)
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  10. Thanks for the tip, I will try this out right now.
  11. Dunno, Aikar told me one night. 60K for SMP1-9 res 120K for Utopia. I thought everyone but I knew.
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  12. It's not a secret, but it's not vastly known either. :p
    There will be an official thread about it in the near future once we get details finalized, but for now it is as stated above:
    - 60k for standards SMP lot
    - 120k for Utopian lot
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  13. also - if it's half dug out, icc said it could be negotiable to be for instance 30k for a normal res - idk about utopia being negotiable or not though.
  14. Wow, didnt know that. To sell lots of enchants then! >_>
  15. Hold up - you don't have to place a layer of blocks to fill it up with water. Since 1.5, you can fill an entire layer with water without needing blocks underneath. Only filling the top layer will cause the water underneath to be constantly flowing downward, resulting in lag.
    It may take a while, but here's how to fill the hole:
    Get 2 water buckets. Empty one in a corner of your res (at the bottom). Empty the other one 2 blocks over (so that there is a gap between the water source blocks). Then, use one of the empty buckets to collect the new water source block formed between the two you placed. Then empty that water bucket two blocks from the last one. At this point, you should have 5 water source blocks in a row. Keep doing this until you reach the other side of the res. Then, do the same thing on an adjacent side of the res - forming an "L" shape of water. Once you have two complete rows, the water will rush over to the opposite corner and fill all the blocks between. This way, you fill the entire layer, but you only have to use the buckets 61 times (30x2 + 1 in the corner).
    Once you have a layer filled, go the next layer and do the exact same thing. Keep doing this until the entire res is filled :) It only takes two buckets of water, and maybe 2-3 minutes per layer once you get the hang of it.
  16. So it does, about time they fixed that. :D
    It's just a matter of filling bottom layer, then 2nd bottom, then 3rd bottom and so on until the top layer is reached.
    Thanks for the update, will save much time in future. :)
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  17. do they fill it with something insted of dirt or just a huge hole is left?
  18. Just a hole, you can fill it with anything you wish. :)
  19. okay because a guy said befor they fill it with water

    wait how are u in this if on it says no staff are on?
  20. Magic.