The 4390 Mega Mall - All Brand New

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about the all new 4390 Mega Mall!! The Food Section is finally finished! (Not in stock, though) I've added all new things! Here's a list!!:
    • Player Head Wall
    • Donation Wall (More players added)
    • Heads, Rare Things..
    • Auctions! (Auction Chest/Preview)
    • Donor Wall (For players that have donated more then twice)
    • Rare Items in Item Frames! (Preview)
    • Player Head's Sale
    • My Head (Selling)
    Make sure YOU donate! Also, on the subject, I'd like to thank my donators! Here's a list!:
    • BlinkyBinky (Donor Wall)
    • Drmadfate (Donor Wall)
    • lovely_gurly (Donor Wall)
    • we3mendi (Donor Wall)
    • southpark347
    • LadyJaye (Donor Wall)
    • Dubchef (Donor Wall)
    • georgeashington (Donor Wall)
    • mcbear10 (Donor Wall)
    • zombieslayer0
    • krysyyjane9191
    • MCTabeltKid
    • Scooby366 (Donor Wall)
    Thanks guys for donating!

    This is located on smp2, with /v +4309. (Mega Mall still being worked on).

    We'd appreciate it if you'd help out the Mega Mall with these things!:
    • Donations
    • Auction Stuff
    • Donor Wall Prizes
    • Head Donations
    • Items to put in Chests
    • Rupees
    • Blocks to build with
    We'd really like it if you could help me out with that stuff! Thanks!

    Now, here's what all stuff on the top means!!:

    Player Head Wall (Room):
    It's a room where I put players heads! I store extra heads there! Make sure you buy some at the Heads Sale =).

    Donation Wall:
    The donation wall is a wall where I put donators who have donated to my Res! Thanks guys!

    Heads and rare things..:
    Those are things at my Res put on walls, and the Heads are put in there own.. special room!

    The auctions I mostly do are items front he 4390 Mega Mall! There usually rare items! Right now I'm saving to do a "Shiny Flesh" Auction.

    Donor Wall:
    The Donor wall is where I put people who have donated more then once. A lot of people are on them. Up below this, is the donators and it says if they're on the Donor Wall or not.

    Rare Items:
    Those are things I put in item frames, or do auctions with. Or sell in-game for 10k.

    Player Heads Sale:
    It's a sale that will stay around forever. It's where I sell extra heads I have. /v +4390MM to see them!

    My Heads Sale:
    This won't stay around forever.. because I have to keep it in stock. It's a sale where I sell my head. When it's in stock.. be sure to buy it!

    Well, thanks for the help! You've made this mega mall go so far guys! Thank you!!! Have a nice day =).
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  2. Reserved Comment for if needed.
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  3. Good luck with your mall :) I can't tell if you're saying it's finished now, but if it is I'll come check it out when I'm in game!
  4. Great! And also, no. It's not finished :p
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