The 333th Day Of Yulie!

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  1. Hello!, My name of course is Yulie and most of you already know me but just in case, I consider myself a nice person, Honest and with strong judgement of things. I also consider myself a capitalist cause my businesses can sometimes look like I want the upper hand on the deal like a 6:1 ratio.

    I started My EMC adventure back in march, I don't really remember how I came across this server all I know is that I came from a long break of MC after my previous server I had been apart of shutdown and I found out the server wasn't back and probably was never coming back and I missed it cause the 90% of us were adults 18+ and I wanted something like that again so I decided to look around those sites that sponsor servers and like I said before I don't know how I came across this server I just know I read "Mature Staff" and I was like ummmm, just maybe is another one of those servers :) so I signed up on the forums and I logged into the servers. My first server being SMP2 and I know what your thinking if 3 is your favorite number how come you didn't start in SMP3? Simple answer it was full :D and most server were always full or partially full but eventually I got tired of it being so full and Got Gold supporter. why not Iron if I just wanted to fix the availability of log in? because I don't feel like $5 on Iron was worth anything and till today I still do think Iron is worth $5 off my pocket but that is a personal opinion ;). At this point I didn't know anybody I had no friends on EMC I was playing for about 4 months and never took the time to make any effort of communicating. I quit EMC shortly for collage and came back afterwards everything was lost :D. but I began again this time I made friends, I meet Caleb (a.k.a. Eklektoi or WCG_Elite), Lemonade54, Lach(something can't remember proper name) and Steven(Numeration goes here and I can't remember the numeration) Later I quit EMC again and again for the same reason as before but than came back and here I am of course with more friends Windylava, PirateOfDW, Ninjaboy5656, Eklektoi, Lemonade54, Steven, Silken_Thread, _Stads_, Nfell2009 and I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few that I lack the memory to remember :( sorry if your not here. but anyways that my adventure into EMC and I thank every single person & Friends who have made this experience worth the time.

    By the way This is an AMA so anything you'd like to know feel free to Ask :D

    Note: I know I passed my 333 3 days ago but cut me some slack.
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  2. Lotsa 3s.... 0.0

    Why is your username July if your real name is Yulie?
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  3. Congrats :) Almost to a year :) I was gonna ask the same question Truffle did :p
  4. That's Because My Favorite Month is July and July sounds like the High State of the name Yulie ;)