The 20th century REBOOT! (READ FIRST PAGE!!)

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  1. A month or two ago, I had this RPG kind of game on the forums, but I had it closed because of people not reading the rules, and killing off the fun for others, but now, I'm retrying it.


    1. NO RAY OR PULES WEAPONS: This is what made me close my other game. If you invent, use, or even buy a ray/pulse weapon from another player, your posts will be IGNORED, until your remove the weapon. If you use a ray/pulse weapon on another player, no damage will be done to them. If you fail to remove your ray/pulse weapon, I will ask a mod to remove ALL posts you have made on this thread.

    2. NO STARTING WARS: This is done by me. The reason is so we don't have some person come onto the game, and spam the whole thing with war posts. I will start wars if it makes sense, not just because I want to. I will also be throwing natural/un-natural disasters in the game, to keep stuff going.

    3. NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, YOU WONT WIN EVERYTHING: You could have the biggest military, and still not win a war.

    4. ITS NOT ALL ABOUT WINNING: Sure, you will want to win some stuff, but don't let it get in the way of yours, and others fun.

    5. DON'T RESEARCH STUFF YOU CANT MAKE: AKA, you cant make a nuke if you don't have nuclear fusion. Apply's to all other stuff

    6. HAVE FUN: or die....

    If you fail to follow the rules, I will ask for your posts to be removed from the game.

    -----------------------------------------NATION SHEET-------------------------------------------------

    NATION: Canada
    EXPORTS: Coal, iron, lumber

    Your population MUST be close to the size it was in the year you start. Exports don't really do much, its just stuff you can trade with.

    I will be playing, and also as the "God"

    I will be playing as Canada.

    The game starts, in 1900. Have fun! :)

    TLDR: Don't play then.
  2. i dont get it?
  3. Then don't post.
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  4. you could explain it, whats the game some war one?

    where do we play?

    how can i play?

    what do you do??

    Answer them!!
  5. Don't be so rude. I read it and it makes no sense whatsoever. Sure, you put down some rules, but that's it. What's the object of the game? How do you play the game?
  6. It seems last time I did this, everyone got it. Its not that hard to understand, its a RPG sort of game. You play as a nation, and then you try to thrive. For where do we play, i'm pretty sure the thread I made, with all the rules, it where we play.
  7. I'm not getting this. :/
    Yes some players might know this game but a lot of others don't. You need to explain what to do and how to play, not just say what the rules are.
  8. Im lost :/
    I have the same questions.
  9. You, make nation with nation sheet. Then, you can trade with other nations, ally with other nations, make treaty's, and stuff along those lines. If war breaks out between to nations, you can join in, or stay out, or you can supply other nations. You can basically do what you want, other then what the rules say.
  10. ok thanks, it makes more sense now but I think this thread is lacking direction. I want to play but what do I do now?
  11. This really isn't hard to understand guys.
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  12. Are we allowed to researched any kind of weapon minus ray/pulse?
  13. Make a nation, and then it starts.
  14. Country: America
    Population: 750,000
    Millitary: 250k
    Exports: Coal, fish and lumber
  15. America would like to ally with Canada.
  16. THANK YOU...

    Yes, but as its 1900, don't start making a a M16. AKA, make weapons in years that it would be around. The game will start next page.
  17. NATION: Russia
    POPULATION: 128 million
    ARMY: 6,553,000 (I think)
    EXPORTS: Oil and Minerals
  18. Russia would like to ally with America
  19. can we make our own nation? im thinking Nicktonia
  20. Canada accepts.

    Canada starts work on a rifle.