The 18091 EMC Museum

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Excited for a new museum?

Yes :) 7 vote(s) 70.0%
We'll see after it's done. 1 vote(s) 10.0%
Meh... 2 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. I had a thread for this a while back, but I didn't want to bump it way back up, so here goes nothing:

    Welcome to the 18091 Museum!

    CAUTION: Backstory time!

    Skyman1212 and I are good friends on EMC, and a few months back, we decided to make a museum. As a result, we stripped his old res and started building! I had to log off a little later, and when I come back, I see that skyman already built the entire front of the museum! Anyways, we kept building and building, when eventually we had to start asking for donations (we are not wealthy players at all). The response was tremendous! MoeMacZap donated a DC of End Stone and a 2013 labor bench! Elchikenman1234 donated many promos! Alas, two of sky and I's very closest friends on EMC, 1Namor and 2FEXY, donated so much, including promos, resources, books, etc. However, they were griefed for the third time in their time on EMC. They just couldn't take it anymore and decided to leave...
    Back on track, we continued building, but now, skyman1212 has been taking a massive 20 day break from EMC, and I was so worried he wasn't coming back. However, when he was on, he told me that he had been hospitalized. As a result, I just said not to worry, and we were back on track.

    Now, we are almost finished with the museum! We have finished all the floors and most walls, along with two massive towers that we hope to make unique journeys out of them. By this, I mean like at actual museums, where you go through sections and it tells you the story of something. Since there are two towers, we decided to make one on the history of EMC and one on the history of Minecraft.

    All that's left to do is finish the top wall, light the place up, and stock the promos!

    However, we are in need of some resources and we're hoping that some of you fellow EMCans could help us out! You will be added to our donater wall, along with your head (if provided).

    Things needed:
    Book and quills
    End stone

    I hope that's not too much to ask for, and thank you in advance for your donations.

    On an ending note, I would like to point out what's unique about our museum.
    1. We have a community section, where anyone on EMC can send in their custom named items and have it placed on the top floor of the museum, for all to see!
    2. We have the two towers that tell two stories that I talked about earlier.
    3. We also plan to make our museum more interactive than others. For example, roses will actually be on the ground, promo horses will be spawned (yeah, decreases in value a bit, oh well), armor will be on armor stands (when 1.8 comes), and so on. We hope you will enjoy the fine entertainment.

    I will keep you posted on the progress of the museum, along with some pictures. Please put any thoughts on the museum in this thread, we appreciate your feedback :)

    I'm hoping to have the grand opening on skyman's 1000th day on EMC, which is only about 50 days away, so I'll keep you posted on the status of that too. No need to waste your time any further thank you for your attention all!


    Exterior: 95%
    Lighting+Decor: 65%
    Floors: 95%
    Stocking promos: 0%
    Two towers and their projects: 50%


    2014-12-29_13.13.12.png 2014-12-29_13.13.32.png 2014-12-29_13.14.13.png 2014-12-29_13.13.52.png
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  2. I would love to donate some end stone, chests, and signs! I'll be on later (In about 4 hours) and will most likely be found on smp9 at /v ChickenButler. :)
  3. I gave 10k rupees to ya, karatekick2001! :) Looking forward to the museum. Museums are great. :p
    Also if you ever need more chests or signs, let me know (PM on forums or in-game [find me; I hop smps a lot]).
  4. Thanks guys you will be going on the donater wall :)
    If you want, you can toss the donations into the donation chest at the museum res 18091, if you walk straight forward from the spawn there should be an access everyone chest, not the access BubbleNinja13 one.

    If you would also like your head on the donater wall, just toss it into the donation chest too, or mail :)
  5. Bump, still looking for a skilled interior designer and stand design (read above and you'll know what I mean).
  6. 7 stacks of signs and a stack of chests for you! Unfortunately, I am a terrible builder, so I can't help you with that. :p
  7. Thank you Pineapple, we really appreciate it :)
  8. I just uploaded the pictures (up in the OP), and also just completed the walkways that you see between each floors. I have also found a good design for the item frames and their pedestals.
  9. Teleport hubs have all been set up. I will start lighting tomorrow, and decor after that.
  10. Most of the lighting has been added, although I might touch on it a little and add more.
    I am now starting d├ęcor, and urgently need a good interior designer.
  11. i am redesigning the teleportation hubs, I will post pictures later.
  12. Teleportation hubs have been redesigned. A good interior designer has been found. I have installed 2 water elevators for easy access between floors.
  13. I would love to donate half a stack of item frames to hang up the promos with. If you don't want them let me know, otherwise just respond to this saying you can use them and I'll mail them.
  14. We can definitely use them, thank you mman :)
    You will also be added to the donater wall.
  15. Oh boy, skyman1212 screwed up when he built the front of the museum. Now it is unsymmetrical :(
    Opening may be delayed, but we are certain it will still open!