That awkward moment when...

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm sitting in my room bored so I decided for some laughs to create this thread where you post all your best that awkward moment when... jokes. If you don't have any just post anything funny here I feel like getting a good laugh.
  2. That awkward moment when u want to post somethin here but i have no idea wht to, and that awk moment when u just realised oh derp u are typing in a reply already
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  3. I don't recall any awkward moment right now but something funny EMC related was being out in the wild, exploring a cave with my cousin while talking to her on Google Talk. I heard a sudden explosion and asked what was going on. Her answer (she is 13):

    "Aawwww, no! What a heartbreak!" I asked why, and she said: "You see, I met this creeper, I thought it was the start of a beautiful relationship but when I was going to hug him he made BOOOOM!"

    We also have some other funny moments like me being blown up by another creeper and when I tried to complain about it, as I my mind kind of trips on my tongue when I speak, I said "Darn Peter!" Instead of " Darn creeper!" XD now we call all them creepers Peter :p
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