that awkaward moment when the wild is the safest place to be!!!!!

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  1. if u were there u kno wat happened

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  2. That awkward moment when you don't get what's actually happened.
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  3. For some reason, people in town are getting disconnected. But they are safe in the WIld
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  4. Is there a reason behind it? Or just something random?
  5. If you read the rules, you would know that asking for likes is against the rules.
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  6. There is a reason behind it - Aikar is working on it.

    lol, I didn't even read that, nor was I there.

    I went ahead and edited that part of the post out for ya :)
    Don't do it again
  7. I know the reason. It was posted on another server i play on. The smug in the air is so bad in town, that it just disconnects the player to keep them from having long term damage done. It must be quite the commotion on smp9 xD
  8. Ah the perks of living on a distant continent.
  9. hmmm that's some interesting stuff to have on your hotbar in the wild....? :p