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Are you happy with aikar?

Yes 17 vote(s) 100.0%
No (really bad choice) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey EMC! So im just saying thankyou to aikar he has done so much for the servers and does his best to fix everything asap. You should all be greatful to have such a great admin and this is by far my favorite server i have ever been on! Do not rush aikar on dragontombs either as it will be better if he takes more time on it. :) it is truely amazing how he manages these 10 amazing servers withouth losing control. Thanks so much aikar and to all the staff out there, you guys are all amazing at what you do :D
  2. I think your intentions are good here. But not sure it's a good idea to open the staff up for judgement on the forums. :) Even if the intentions are positive.

    Possibly alter the vote options to:

    Aikar is awesome, best server Admin ever!
    Aikar is great, but I'm pulling out my hair waiting for DT :p
    Aikar? Yea, he's not bad.

    Or whatever.
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  3. Oh, and Aikar strikes me as a person who does an excellent job of anything he sets himself to (unlike many admins/creators I have been less privileged to know). He also seems to value player/user input on things and find the best balance of what people desire. So DT will be awesome, however long it takes. :)
  4. Ik im just saying thanks :) if the poll is bad a mod can delete it ;)
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