Thanks for the Purple People Drop Party! Post pics here!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Empire_Rule, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. So, I think about 200 people attended the PPDP, so here to say thanks to the Admins and Community Managers(purple people) say thank you to them and post your awesome pics!
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  2. This is what i got :)
  3. Is it over? :/
  4. Yes, unfortunately.
  5. I got one thing from JumpNinja8 cause I wasn't there... Man, wish they'd do a second one or even a third one for those who couldn't make it or get in the server.
  6. I got 1 Diamond Supporter Voucher, 3 dragon stone frags, 1 Purple People Party Paper, and 1 Aikar Head

    Pretty stoked :D
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  7. Wow.... I can't believe that I didn't make it..
  8. I got 1 diamond Supporter Voucher, 2 dragon stones, 2 dragon stone frags, 1 Purple People Party Paper, 1 marlix helmet and the Tales of Eternia book. Also Pretty Stoked :p
  9. I got a Gold Supporter Voucher, a permanent derelict protection voucher, Maxarian Shoes, a Cupid's Bow, and 2 Dragon Stone Fragments.
  10. maxarian shoes :eek: