Thanks for some who ruin the game experience for others.

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  1. Now today I heard a player I knew telling I got hacked. I went to her res and saw everything griefed.

    Then immediatly I checked /res info to see the player permission. and saw that pingern and almemoen had permission for building, container and use. I asked her why did those players had permissions. she said they are my friends. Now I think we should try to figure out who has griefed all the res of that poor girl.

    Wanted to post this because I didn't want to just accept it as someone griefed and that she will build her whole res again.

    (FYI EMC community)
  2. I'm not sure I see quite what's griefed... there are some holes in the ground?
  3. Is she okey :/
  4. Are those permissions already deleted?
  5. Twitch1 covers this really well in his signature:
    The bottom line is we give everyone all of the anti-griefing tools they need at the one (or up to 4 for supporters) safe place they have in the Empire. Lots of bad things happen to good people by "someone I trust." This is true both in game and out of game. It's a real shame things are that way and that we can't just trust everyone, but many people have no moral compass, no ethics, and virtually no sense of right and wrong.

    I don't want you to get the impression that I blame the victim. Believe me, I admire the innocence of many people. I wish we lived in a place where that innocence won't ultimately be beaten, robbed, conned, or killed out of each and every one of us. I lament the ultimate loss of naivete that sits one griefing or pvping away.

    On the other hand, maybe these thugs in the game will help people become more hardened to survive the thugs of real life.

    What I would love to see now, is all of the good and kind people donate and help rebuild, though, because I really believe that for each thug in life there are dozens of great folks. If I didn't truly believe that, then I not only wouldn't do this job, I might not even bother getting up in the morning.
  6. Was her account hacked? What's her IGN? If she was legitimately griefed due to account hacks, they can check the IP to confirm this.

    If a mod can do this and prove she was hacked, I will gladly donate some rupees to help repair damages, on behalf of CakeCo Incorporated.

    If she was not hacked, and was griefed due to permissions to "friends" then I' sorry but you just took a cake to the face. Move on to the next slice of cake and have a good day.
  7. People use the word 'hacked' to describe so many things nowadays, almost all of which are completely incorrect uses of the word.

    What I infer from Oleyys description, is that her being 'hacked' amounted to her giving people Permissions on her Residence and one, some or all of them took advantage of it and damaged her Residence.

    The rest of it, Edumnd pretty well summarised.
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  8. By hacked I was referring to someone obtaining her username and password and logging in to change the perms. Then again, you could have given the info to "friends".
  9. Oh no the guy she trusted griefed. Plus thats just the 5x5 of the res I forgot to take all of the ress picture. It was griefed. It was a mess.
    It was griefed and those holes went to underground shop I think. but I forgot to take the picture of all the res.
  10. Edmund its totaly true. However since they aren't grown ups, they might no have thought about that. And since there is only the change of 2 people griefing. I wanted to learn who was that mean player.
  11. Well to due the information provided, this is player fault.

    She should think of this as a cake to the face, and move on to the next slice.
  12. With one person, it's really easy to figure out. But in this case there are actually four people with perms on that res: the owner (I know she seems innocent, but stranger things happen), helene254 (whom you didn't even mention in the OP for some reason), pingern, and almemoen. Not to mention that there's no way to tell from the public information if there were other people who had perms at the time of the griefing. You can see that things get a bit more complicated to figure out when someone gives anyone permissions on their residence.
  13. And although this seams like a simple case from a moderators point of view it's very hard to solve the puzzle ;) but it all comes down to the fact that she gave them the ability to do this... Did she have an argument or disagreement with one of her friends we don't know all we can see is what is on the screen :cool:
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  14. Normally these posts calls for a ton of "dont give perms - troololol!!!111123123!!!!" post - but here we are with "Is she okay?" "I'll give her rupees" etc :D

    I find it a little funny, a little gender-weird, and i see a bright light in the future where i'll be forced to dress up as a girl to get you all to obey me! :rolleyes:
  15. mega lolz @ this.
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  16. I was waiting for something like this. Well for me ISMOOCH knows when someone gets scammed or grief. I can't accept what is done so I just post or contact a moderator.

    Helen234 was with me at that time and she for sure hasnt done anything. Well Ill try to figure this out. Because she had to get the left stuff and reset her res. I felt a bit bad
  17. I did not make my offer due to the member being a girl, I offered it on behalf of CakeCo Inc. giving back to the community. In the 26 days or so on this server, I already have about 150k, enchanted picks worth about 100k, a job paying 200k, someone owes me 15k, and I own a multi-company corporation. I have accomplished so much due to the community, therefore am willing to give back.
  18. Welcome to the world of gaming! My hubby and I have played wow a long time. He makes girl characters and names them super girly names and makes a lot of "^_^ lol" faces in chat - because he got mad that people would constantly just randomly give me stuff in game.
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  19. *Buys a ticket for that show*

    It's been like that since the dawn of time on the internet though. It's simply a fact that females online get more attention and support than a male.

    Why? Lots of reasons. I'll let the viewer pick which one suits their ideals the best. :)
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  20. that moment you wish you were not on a "family friendly" community so you could speak your mind :p
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