Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hey everyone!
    Just saying thanks to our fellow admin Icecreamcow For listening to my idea about restarting Empire more often. :) THANKS
  2. You are welcome.
  3. You're ICC's third account, hah! ;)
  4. 227 millionth.. Account, actually. :D;)
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  5. You say that like the collective consciousness that is us is a bad thing.
  6. Everyone is ICC except those who are not.
  7. We are Legion, for we are many.
  8. lol- I want to know what JustinGuy's alt. Account is because he has to have an undercover account that lets him go on the EMC servers without everyone freaking out!
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  9. I'd put 10r on Bigdavie.
  10. What kinda bet is 10r? I'll put 2k on bigdavie
  11. I'd put 1r on MauryPoppins oh wait, that is apparently his friend OR it IS him and he lied to me...
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  12. ;)
  13. I sense gray text! Wait, never mind.:oops:
  14. Its probably shaun, because ICC was the other Sr Mod, but shaun did have irl pics :confused:
  15. Shaun is from Australia and when I talk to him he always addresses me as "mate".
  16. I thought that too for a while but I doubt it.
  17. hes not, icc and shaunwhite war both on utopia hoping 2 people out on diff accounts :)
  18. ...No one ever accuses me of being JustinGuy/ICC (or pays me in gum). :(
  19. That's right, because you're Dark_Liz.
  20. what if i payed you in fun gum?
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