thankgiving dinner on smp 6 (help wanted)

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  1. I am making a emc thankgiving dinner on smp6 i do need help with a few things to

    1. I need someone who is willing to make 3 or more cakes (payment 20r per cake make payment 60 the rest of the cakes are donations)

    2.i need someone who can get me exactly 1 stack of pumpkin (payment 25r no more than 1 stack)

    3. chicken which is the turkey (no turkeys on minecraft :oops:) i need abot 26-30 more (payment 10r)

    the address that the dinner will be on is 12530 (my res) feel free to bring donations :) the time it will start at is 5:00 (eastern time)
  2. 3 is far too cheap I think.
  3. i understand this but im runing out of rupees :oops: i may increase payment... stay tuned i will update the thread
  4. i have some cake :D

    stop by smp2 sometime while im on.
  5. note the dinner already happened