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  1. Before I get on tonight I wanted to say thank you. Thank you because almost a year ago when I joined I was going through a real rough spot where I lost a job and was in a lawsuit but when I logged on to the empire everybody was kind and helpful and that really helped me calm down from the stress. The community is why I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. The past year has been rough bouncing from job to job and dealing with identity theft but once again here everything seems to calm down. So thank you.
  2. man I honestly thought that, with the title and the steve icon that this would be a noob thread, but im sorry, that is beard steve, the classic alpha-beta steve from before 1.8 :)
    im nearing 1 year as well in november, not many of us make it that far. Congrats!
    and nice beard :)
  3. BEARD STEVE! :D I miss him...

    Anyway, i'm nearing 1 year in February :p I'm glad that the empire community has seen you through some rough times - we're always here to help! :)
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  4. thanks guys
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  5. Congrats fellow bearded man :D
    sorry to hear about the stuff that has been happening to you :)
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  6. thank you. You know what they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger; so I should be darn near invulnerable now.
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  7. You're always welcome at the Empire! :)