TexturePack suggestions!!!

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  1. I could just use a new look! I will try as many as possible so lay 'em on me! :D
  2. Tried Faithful 32/64x?
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  3. R3D Craft
    Bordercraft (I found a 1.4.6 edit somewhere.)
    Glimmar's Steampunk
    Good Morning Craft
    Isabella II
    Joli Craft
    Ovo's Rustic Redemption
    Ozo's Texture Pack
    Painterly Pack
    SMP's Revival
    Rise of Tredonia
    Sphax PureBDCraft
    Summerfields (I found a 1.4.6 edit, but I think it was taken down.)
    Wolfhound (There are about eight variations of this.)
  4. I use Faithful too. I highly recommend it :)
  5. Sphaxcraft.
    Hands down the best texture pack i have ever found.
    This is how i feel about Sphaxcraft.
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  6. Umm I use hypixels often.
    I cant show a link cuz it takes you to another servers forum Sorry :(