Texture packs for my new res.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone on the empire had a texture pack that would enhance this buildings looks. i've tried photorealism and custom painterly,but it would be cool to see some others. Feel free to post screenshots :)

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  2. I think RomeCraft might look good.
  3. Where is it?
  4. It's on SMP6 - 12300
  5. How does this look?

    The texturepack doesn't have a name yet, nor completed. Feedback would be apprciated. :)
  6. Thats really good. I like the water and fences :)
  7. Dokucraft? Love that one! Has a very nice add to the look of water!
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  8. No, mine isnt dokucraft
  9. Ooh i like that one nerone , Is it custom ? The leaves look awesome !
  10. Thats a nice pack johnsface101 . Has a really nice rustic and cosy feel. Thanks for including pack link :)
  11. Call me john! :p
    Welcome! :)
  12. Have any of you tried the wayukian texture pack?
  13. I like the Wolfhound on Planet Minecraft I cant remember the link. You just have to look around for it
  14. Wayukian is ok. But it is a low res texture. I only use HD. Mine is a combination of Ovos and John smith, and yes it is "custom", although i'd be willing to send it to you if you want.
  15. What does low res mean when it comes to texture packs?
  16. Higher res texture packs can do a lot more in ways of editing and adding stuff to packs. Low res are easier on your computer, but don't always look as nice.
  17. That building looks awesome! Maybe Misa's?