texture packs any good

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  1. Who uses texture packs and are they any good?
  2. I use old faithful.
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  3. Faithful ftw
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  4. Faithful is a very good option.

    However, the one I'm currently using is Soartex Fanver, which imo is also fantastic, though I do not think it's ready for 1.9 yet.

    Edit: Apparently, it is now :p
    It is found here
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  5. I use R3Dcraft, which is similar to faithful (I think) but requires a lot of memory for larger textures.
  6. I use hotdogcraft or an inFinite Edit
  7. Thanks guys will take a look at then all
  8. R3DCraft x256 Smooth = Best texture pack I've seen yet. I've been using it for actually 2 years now.

    Though, I hate R3D's fire texture since it covers up most of your screen. I swapped the fire textures with Sphax x256.
  9. Whats a good simple one? That doesnt have weird things, but just simplifies everything
  10. Simplifies.. Probably OCD?
  11. I just found something called Realistico, its not simple, but it looks damn great